PM Modi quotes Tamil saint-poet extempore, draws applause

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed Tamil saint-poet Thiruvalluvar as a legend and quoted his couplet which said greater learning brings more wisdom.

Amidst applause, the Prime Minister during his address at the Defence Expo, quoted Thiruvalluvar’s couplet in Tamil extemporaneously, describing him as a celebrated poet-philosopher.

Thottanaith thoorum manarkeni maandharku, kattranaithu thoorum arivu,” he said and explained the essence of the couplet.

“In sand and soil the deep you delve you reach the spring below. The more you learn the freer streams of wisdom flow,” he said.

Beginning his address with good morning in Tamil saying “Kaalai Vanakkam,” Modi said this was the first time he was participating at a defence expo.

He said, “I am both delighted and overwhelmed to see such a gathering here in the great state of Tamil Nadu.”

He said the place where the Defence expo was being held (Thiruvidanthai in Kanchipuram district) is historic.