Stories at the heart of everything we do: Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood Entertainment

Actor Priyanka Chopra has thanked an online magazine for including her in its list of the 500 most influential people, saying it encourages her to tell important stories.

Popular magazine Variety had recently unveiled its list of influential people and apart from Priyanka, it also featured the names of Indian celebrities such as Karan Johar, Salman Khan and Ekta Kapoor among others.

“Big thanks to @variety for including me in your #Variety500 for the second year in a row! What makes this one extra special is the little name right above mine… @purplepebblepictures,” the actor wrote.

“Stories are at the heart of everything we do, regardless of genre or language, and it’s a wonderful feeling to know we’re on the right path. This would not be possible without my team, and most importantly, my incredible partner and co-founder, @madhumalati. Feels like miles to go, but truly grateful for every step we take,” she added.